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About Us

Quick Signs’s motto is “Your Ideas Become Reality!” We are happy to support your original products, but we are also just as happy to help you create new ones! We will always make an effort to achieve your 100% satisfaction!

We established our Torrance, California operations in 2006. And we are hopping our original systems and knowledge (from Japan) will help companies here in the U.S. Quick Signs provides our services using U.S printing systems and a variety of local materials as well as trading between here and Japan.


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Our Staff

Just a Few of Our Services

Store-based sales of business cards, stickers, apparel print, commercial signage, printing, and other related product and mail orders.

Franchise recruitment and guidance of the above-mentioned businesses.

Sales of print material and print machinery.

Sales of material and signboard production machinery for signboard.

Painting of buildings and bridges made of steel.


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  MARCH, 1985 :

Established an Akane printing store in Anjyou, Japan. Main service was architecture, bridge, industrial conveyance machinery painting.

  MARCH, 1990 :

Established Corporation status with $50,000 capital stock. Joined a  juridical legal corportation, Akane pinting store. Established a Sign factory of temporary store association.

  JUNE, 1993 :

Increased capital of Akane printing corporation to $100.000 in stocks

  MARCH, 2000 :

Established Quick Signs venture department in Kariya & FC Quick Signs in Anjyou, Japan

  AUGUST, 2001 :

Opened FC Quick Signs in Komaki, Japan

  NOVEMBER, 2001 :

Opened Quick Signs direct management office in eastern Japan

  JULY, 2002 :

Opened Quick Signs in Nagoya, Japan

  SEPTEMBER, 2003 :

Opened Quick Signs in Saga, Japan

  NOVEMBER, 2003 :

Opened Quick Signs in Roppongi, Japan

  OCTOBER, 2005 :

Changed name to Qs&At and increased capital to $300.000 in stocks

  JUNE, 2006 :

Established Qs&At,Inc. in California, U.S.

  AUGUST, 2006 :

Opened Qs&At,Inc. in Torrance, U.S.


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