1820 Carson St. #203
Abalon Plaza
Torrance, CA 90501

P: (310) 782-0919
F: (310) 782-9199

Step 1 Request Quote
Please fill in and complete the quote form and send it to us.
You can also download our fax form and send us your request via fax.
  Please refer to color samples price lists and etc.
Step 1 Review & Revise Estimate
After we receive your request for a quote, we will process it and send it back to you via the email you provided. After your review of the estimate, please send it back to us and let us know if there are any changes.   Please contact us if you do not receive your estimate, or if there is a point you do not understand.
Step 1 Confirmation of Order
After we receive your confirmation and acceptance of the estimate, we will respond with a confirmation that the order is now in process.   Please be advised that after your order is confirmed, it cannot be stopped with out a cancelation charge.
Step 1 Confirmation of layout
The initial layout, along with a copy of your request will be sent to you via the email you provided. Please confirm the content, and let us know what changes you might have.   Depending on the extremety of your revisons or alterations from the original design, there might be an additional charge.
Step 1 Shipping
After you have approved the design and layout, the product will go directly into production and will be shipped once it is completed.   You will receive an email confirmation once the product has been shipped.
Step 1 Delivery
You will either receive the product directly, or if scheduled, pick it up from our showroom. Also at this point you might have requested installation if needed.   Please let us know if your product is in any way damaged or not what you expected and we will be happy to reslove the issue.





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